Walks, rambles

Plenty of marked trails are accessible.

We can still find some places in the little Tregor where human foot has not yet landed.

Kayaks and bikes rental

3 or 1 places kayaks are available for your sea excursions.
Cycling (bikes for both children and adults are available) is a nice way of discovering the local heritage (washhouses, fountains, mills, crosses, standing stones…)

Phone number : +33 (0)2 98 72 30 58 ou +33 (0)6 09 44 45 47

Plougasnou diving school

Discover the sea bed of Morlaix bay by scuba diving.

Website : Plougasnou diving school


Trails are open on Primel pier and Beg an Fri pier. You can find a leaflet at the tourist office.

Shell picking,angling and sea fishing

Beware, it might bite!

Kermebel ranch

Website : Kermebel ranch

Terenez sailing school

Optimist, 420, sailing dinghy, windsurfing, catamaran, trainings, classes, renting and equipement loan. Terenez harbour, Plougasnou.

Website : +33 (0)2 98 72 33 25

Plougasnou tennis club

2 indoor grounds, 2 outdoor grounds, tournaments in July.

Phone number : +33 (0) 2 98 67 31 81

Ornithological observations

The wintering birds from December to March, and the sea birds all over the year, can be easily observed with good binoculars or telescope.

Shiatsu, Qi Gong, Relaxation

In summer period, starting the day with a session of Qi Gong (35 minutes) on the beach Primel face at sunrise. It is proposed by olive Bobe activities.
Provide during your stay a relaxing shiatsu his cabinet.
Zen Association Primel 6 rue de la Meloine Plougasnouiving to school

website : Ecole de shiatsu, Qi gong

Leaded balls

Leaded ball as practiced in northern Finistère in Morlaix area is probably the most unique of our Brittany balls. Different weights housed in the balance ball to the left or right depending on the direction desired by the player. The leaden ball of Morlaix requires no special physical strength and can be practiced by all!
Discovery sessions and free beginners every Wednesday from 10am to 12pm in the summer on the fairways Primel–Trégastel Parking Brothers Poupon Plougasnou.

Basketry courses

In his workshop, Laurence perpetuates the ancestral form of courses, to transmit and promote the art of basketry.

There are also works made ??with different varieties of crude wicker natural iridescent colors harmoniously weaving.
Would you be tempted by a day of initiation? It is close to the village of Marines Sentes Plouezoc’h.

Tel. 06 83 11 25 62 Blog : La Vannerie du Nivern

Internships natural decoration

To learn about the natural coatings: Stucco, tadelakt, coating pearly lime railway …
make your own its products: painting ocher, with casein, paint and stain in beer patina wax, washes …
Throughout the year Yannik Mary Pinoteau offers these courses by theme day.

Tel : 02 98 67 98 75/ 06 73 01 03 53

Blog : ambiance déco

Kereon’s millart paper and binding

Traditional techniques of paper and binding … craft to contemporary creation, come and share in the passion of two workshops rare crafts.
Thematic visits Mill Keraon: paper, binding, ecology, heritage and linen history book creative process …

Moulin de Keraon- Scop papier relié 29400 Saint Sauveur Tél. 02 98 78 92 96

Théâtre du pays de Morlaix

This Italian-style theater hosts a historical monument in its programming of contemporary or classical authors, young companies as artists of great reputation! … Besides the program of shows, the Théâtre du Pays de Morlaix is also a “factory shows “it is regularly used by theater companies from Britain and elsewhere, who are working to create a room. With these companies, it is not a “garage” at shows but provides real support for artistic production.
website : theater Morlaix

Carré Magique

The Carré Magique is a national cultural equipment for multidisciplinary events. It is a place where living art is spread out to a large public, including children. Cultural diversity and international events are defended here.

website : magical cube